Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A New Hope

Only two days rank higher on my list of favorite holidays than today: my birthday and Veterans Day. In case you're wondering to yourself, "Andrew, it's the first week of May. What holiday are you celebrating?" allow me to explain:

You see, I'm a nerd. I think anyone reading this can attest to that. I study baseball statistics religiously. I sat slack-jawed in a movie theatre while Blackout transformed from Pave Low to Decepticon. I pine over the life-like R2-D2 toy that follows you around and dances to the Mos Eisley cantina song. I know every secret in Super Mario Bros. 3 for Nintendo. I've seen every Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars movie there is. And the latter is what brings us into this discussion.

Today is Star Wars Day. (May the Fourth be with you. Get it?) But unlike Star Wars Days of the past, today I started something new: travel of my own. While I may not have been making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, I completed my first business adventure as a member of the Harris RF Communications Division Field Engineering department. No great feat in itself (all I did was fly to Tampa and back), it serves as a stepping-stone in what promises to be a rewarding post-military career.

The written word and I go way back, and as I sat in the Exit row of a flight home from Charlotte, North Carolina, reading an excerpt from Brad Herzog's new book Turn Left At the Trojan Horse, I decided that I'd like to enter (or re-enter, if you count my brief stint writing for Bruce's blog) the world of Internet story-telling. I can bend a sentence to my will. It's always been something I've been good at, and that I've enjoyed doing. Writing is an easy way to pass the time, and I figure that since I'll be traveling a lot for work, I may as well tote around my laptop and transcribe my adventures for some bored friend's entertainment, if not my own.

I've learned all too well in my life that first impressions are everything. So this is my introduction. Follow along, if you will, as I take you with me from airport to airport, city to state, and country to continent, all in the name of tactical radio communications. I can't promise I'll update frequently; I intend to use this mostly as an account of travel stories. But I'll try my best to keep your interest piqued.

Or, if I may quote my favorite Jedi Master, "try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try."

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  1. I think you have quite the talent for writing and I am looking forward to reading your adventures! Don't worry, it isn't out of boredom but complete curiosity! Did you ever think of journalism? Seriously! :) Keep it up my friend, I am sure you have much to offer and share with your many adventures of 'Andrew' :)